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Jane May


Lizzie's London


It's 1920 and the East End families of post war London are a law unto themselves. Fifteen year old Lizzie Allen fights tooth and nail to protect her family and survive the slums.


Life in London's Stella Street is far from easy in 1920. It's a hand to mouth existence that causes Lizzie's family to turn to crime. Brother Vinnie is a bookie's runner, Bert is gullible and Babs is a wayward beauty, heading for trouble whilst clever Flo can't wait to leave school and join her friends at the pickle factory. Only frail Jess understands Lizzie's struggles to keep them all on the straight and narrow. With sweetheart Danny by her side, Lizzie knows she can win the battle, but when a pot of gold tempts Danny away, Lizzie has to decide which way to jump - towards the wrong - or right side of the law.





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